January 13, 2020

Wraping up 2019, Kicking off 2020

To wrap up my year, I was able to shoot two really awesome shows. Both were super fun events that packed out the venues and way exceeded my expectations. It was such an excellent way to end 2019 – a year of incredible growth and friends old and new. Events like these give me a lot to look forward to in 2020, as I move through this year with these awesome people and new goals.

Kosoto’s First Set Family Photo


On the last Sunday of December, we hosted a show in Chattanooga – Winter Wobble Land.  This was a show thrown to celebrate our friend, Feelmonger, that we used to throw shows with our Soundlink group back in college. He is a military doc and lives out west now, but was home for the holidays and we couldn’t think of a better way to all catch up!

Juciy Jesus & Feelmonger
Nice Things
Juicy Jesus

It absolutely poured that day, but Chatt still show up for us. My main men, Sammy Beatzz and Masaii, played sets as well as Juicy Jesus and Nice Things.  JJ’s Bohemia was an awesome backdrop for a cozy home show for our man Feelmonger.

Sammy Beatzz
Feelmonger throwin finger guns
Sammy Beatzz


One week later, the first Saturday of January, with New Years slammed in the middle of the week, I was able to shoot for a show hosted by almost every Nashville DJ that I know and love.

SHWTME gettin down
Must have been a banger

Vibe Check was a free show at The End in west Nashville. They threw this show just to get together, play some stuff, give people a place to dance, and have a blast with their friends. All sets were B2B and only fake duo names were put on the flier. This show packed out, and was one of my favorites all year.

Deadman playin some air bass
Mr. Finder or Mr. Keeper???
Kosoto’s signature dance move

We were all super stoked, as one of our best friends was able to play his first set ever at Vibe Check. Kosoto showed out and opened up the night in a proper manner. All the friends were out to support. Proud of you dude!!

Kosoto’s first set


The Nanni Boys & Deadguy


Skinny Beatzz

Kosoto, Masaii, Deadman, SHWTME, Rudashi, Souljunk, Finderz Keeperz, Sammy Beatzz, and Skinny B all played over the course of the night, and the crowd hung the whole way.

Thanks for checking out my images from these shows!


Happy New Year!!!

Badass friends Val and Hannah



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