December 23, 2019

The Swafford Project : the beginning

Yo! I am Emily Swafford, and welcome to my blog –
The Swafford Project. 



The Swafford Project is my life. Well, this blog isn’t my life, but the “Project” is the building of a bold life and documenting it well. I want to live things, see things, and feel things that are exciting and worth keeping record of. I want to freeze those moments in life and provide an incredible way to visit them again. If you have something that excites you, let me capture it for you!



I want to shoot more. I want to see what I can create. Where I can go. 


All that stuff is part of the project.



What photos of yours can I add to The Swafford Project? What moments can I photograph for your own personal project?  



Follow me. Or subscribe. Or comment. Or whatever it is you do on blogs. 




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