December 10, 2020

Car Camping 101

Yo. We’re Going Camping!   So I’m gonna Let you Know what you need to camp….. or at least how we do it.     We’re specifically talking car camping here. Start with the basics. Overlanding and backpacking are different beasts for a different time.   Now settle in for a few minutes. This blog a sizable chunk of info, but you’re going to live outside for a little bit so you do need a sizable amount of information.    

February 21, 2020

Olrox Presents

Electronic music is my favorite ya’ll. Getting to dance and get down with my friends is a dream after a long day. Being able to catch them looking cool as hell while doing it is even better.

January 19, 2020

The New River Gorge and Grandview

Over Fall Break last year, a portion of my dads side of my family were all able to meet in Beckley, West Virginia for a white water rafting trip. My dad had been planning to take us here for years based on some white water trips he’d been on in the past. The Gauley River is some of the best white water in the United States and only has a six week season when you can paddle it.